Illanti Empire

Founder: Al-Sako I, Lord of the Lake

Ruling Dynasty: Asume

Current Head of State: Maar-Katsi III

Current Head of Government: 

Government Form: The Empire uses a three branch system of government with the Emperor, the Senate and the Grand Offices which are all supposed to balance each other out. The position of Emperor is inherited through familial lines, and is held until death or abdication. The Emperor is legally only empowered to control the military and take total control of the Empire only when a state of emergency is declared by the Senate. Though technically having near unlimited power when it comes to running the Empire, the Grand Senate of Enlightened Peoples actually abdicates much of its power in day-to-day matters to the various Governors and Magistrates, as well as usually bows to the whims of the Emperor on most issues. The Senate is made up of every Duke, Governor, and Magistrate of the Empire (each considered a Senator) who send a single representative to carry out their will, each called a Vicariur, and is led by the Chief Vicariur (who is elected by the other Vicariur). The Senate carries its power through its control over the 6 Ministries (Personnel, Taxation, Rites, Defense, Justice, and Commerce). The Grand Offices are 3 offices that watch over and advise the Emperor, Senate and various regional leaders. The Office of Inspector General monitors government administration and officials at all levels for corruption, malfeasance, or inefficiency, as well as advancing public morals and redressing grievances of the populace. The Office of Censors review decrees and laws and judge if they are improper or conflicting with current law and need to be rewritten or withdrawn, or if they can go forward. The Office of Special Advisors 

Illanti Empire

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