Sanctis is the known world, called the Prime Plane or Land of Mortals. 


Prime Plane

The lands of mortals

Spirit Plane

Also known as the Astral or Ethereal plane, this is the land of ghosts and spirits, and is the transitive realm between the mortal realm and the outer worlds.

Shadow Realm

A special connection between the core of the Negative energy in the Elemental Plane and the Prime Plane.

Elemental Plane

Also called the "Source of All", the Elemental Plane is where the elements of life come front. It is one plane where the 6 energies of the universe come from: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Positive and Negative. Each power comes from its own fount of unknown origin, and most of the power stays there or seeps through the spirit plane on its way to the Prime Plane. Negative energy, however, has seemed to take a life of its own and has created tunnels to the Prime Plane which move around within the Spirit Realm connecting to anywhere that needs it. The 6 energies are contained by the Element Guardians, 6 deities chosen to keep the energies from overwhelming the material realm. They watch from their towers in Caelic in the Badlands. 

Celestial Dominions

Known as the "Realms of the Gods" or the "Divine Planes", this encompass the various realms beyond the elemental plane that are ruled or controlled by divine beings and their minions.

The Badlands

Scholars debate whether this is a separate realm from the other Domains, or if they are all actually just smaller parts of the "Greater Badlands", but this is the realm where the living first arrive in the Celestial Dominions if they do not have a direct connection to one of the other Domains. It is also the battlefield of the gods and the source of their powers. Planewalkers and others knowledgeable of the planes know of Caelic, the "City of Doorways". Considered the crossroads of the Badlands, this is the only realm where all beings can meet without any threat of the violence for what they are. It is also know as the "6 Keeps", because the city is watched over by the Element Guardians, and their minions keep the peace. Breach the peace and you may be ejected into the Badlands, usually near a current battle. 

Divine Domains


The Void

Also know as the "Far Beyond", the Void is the fabled land where nothing and everything exists, and a mortal mind would be destroyed by being exposed to it. It is supposed to be the realm where the Creators came from before it was cut off from the rest of the universe.

Time Before Time

Before the Creation of Time, the shaping of the known universe was done.

Birth of Elements and Creators

In the beginning there was the Void, and within it were the the 6 Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Positive, and Negative. As they interacted with each other, wisps touching and mixing, beings of immense power were born: the Creators. Seeing the power around them they harnessed it to create the seed from which the Universe was born. 

Arrival of the Creators to Tartis

The Creators then chose a perfect system to create a perfect world from. They created Tartis, the sun, and started to form Sanctis. 

Creation of the Worldshapers

The Creators were powerful beings, but unable to make the small changes necessary to create what they wanted. So they created the Worldshapers (now known as Elementals) to form the world they wanted. These elementals were wild and hard to control so the Creators made a group of Elemental leaders known as the Archons.

Rise of the Archons

With the Archons in place, the 

Shattering of the First World


Elemental War


Creation of the Divides (Prime, Spirit, Elemental, Divine)


Creators' Strife


Forging of the Dragon Souls (from Elemental Realms)


Demon Creation (from Negative Realms)


Ignition of the Starborn (from the Positive Realms)


Shadow Uprising


Second World to Demon Worlds


Divine Order


Children of the Gods


Historical Time

After the Gods formed and created the mortal beings, they implemented time as we currently understand it.

Times of Stone and Iron

Tribes and the first fiefdoms form and organize the world. First forms of magic arise, mostly around imbuing items. 

Esteris Imperium

The first state to create organized magical teaching took over the northern half of the continent. 

Strife of Two Songs

The nobility formed into two factions, one which believed magic should be used to dominate others and the other which believed it must be used to better all. This lead to two sides which broke into horrible warfare that to this day has turned the core of the Imperium into a wasteland.

Interregnum of Power

With the fall of the Imperium, the order of the known world was broken. Its vassal states and borderlands attacked its former lands as well as each other, and chaos reigned throughout the world. It would be more than two centuries before stable kingdoms would form again.

Times of Steel and Sun

As several kingdoms formed, a more feudal order formed. Society split between the Nobility, the Yeomen (which included the clergy and monks), and the Peasants and stabilized.

Founding of the Empire

The lord of a small independent county is ambushed by a competing count and his knights. Losing his weapon and seeing his party killed, the besieged lord flees with his shield to a nearby pond. As he steps in the pond, his attackers pause due to myths of a being which attacks travelers who get near the lake. A falchion made of glassteel with a true crystalline edge seemed to wash up to his legs. Noticing his opponents' hesitation, he dropped his shield and grabbed it and slew the first man who dared attack him. The rest dropped to their knees in fealty, including the rival count. They bestowed the title "Lord of the Lake" upon him, and he would lead them and others to victory.

From there Al-Sako the Great went on to create the Kingdom of Dulyana, and then finally the Illanti Empire through the surrender of the neighboring Liiant Kingdom. 

The Expanse of Illanti

Over the next 5 centuries, the Empire slowly absorbed its neighbors through war or diplomacy. The last great wars it fought gave it the North and West Marches from the Ves Empire, and the East Marches from Mayyada. Both of those wars a decade and Emperor ago, the fear is that the now 20 year old Emperor Maar-Katsi III has been getting ready for a new campaign. As such those nations to its east have created the Eastern Concord, an alliance to defend themselves should it come their way. Those to the west have fortified the border to ensure that any war would be too costly to carry out. To the north are the various nomads that are too hard to conquer, and to the south the lands are too inhospitable for most large armies not native to the lands. 


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